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Baden-Württemberg. The German Southwest.


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University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart

University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart
Urbanstrasse 25
70182 Stuttgart

phone: ++49 711 212 46 20
Email: [post@mh-stuttgart.de]
Web: www.mh-stuttgart.de

The State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart is an institution that trains young musicians and actors for careers in the arts and education and combines its long tradition with a modern appeal.

The oldest academy of music in Baden-Württemberg was founded as early as 1857. Today, 750 students are taught by a faculty of 120 professors and assistant professors as well as more than 150 part-time lecturers. With the unique collection of ten top-flight organs, prospective church musicians find excellent conditions at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart.

The University of Music is located on the “Kulturmeile” (“Cultural Mile”) in the heart of Stuttgart, in the vicinity of the State Gallery, the State Library and the State Theatres. The eyecatcher of the building designed by the British star architects James Stirling and Michael Wilford is the central tower, which includes both the library and the concert hall. Offering about 500 seats, it is the hub of university life. Along with the chamber music hall (180 seats), the orchestra rehearsal hall (100 seats) and the elegant foyers and galleries, the University of Music offers imposing multi-purpose facilities for concerts and events.

With over 200 teaching rooms and 40 practice rooms for students, half of which are accessible around the clock, the University of Music provides excellent conditions for an intensive education on high-quality instruments. The collection of organs is unparalleled throughout the world. In addition to nine types of organs from different periods, it features a large “Rieger organ” (with 5761 pipes and 81 stops) in the concert hall. Blending French and German sound ideals, it is a particularly versatile concert instrument.

The University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart is Germany’s only school of drama that has its own learning theater, the Wilhelma Theater (350 seats). Built in 1839 in neo-classical style, the former summer theater of the court of Württemberg is a jewel of a building. Nowadays it is exclusively used by the Performing Arts departments: Drama, Opera, Puppet Theater and Speech Training.

With more than 110.000 volumes, the University of Music’s library ranks among the largest libraries of its kind in Germany.
Prompted by the Baden-Württemberg Days of Higher Education in 1989, which were dedicated “To the Victims of Violence”, the University of Music established archives for manuscripts and scores by European composers who perished in the World Wars and concentration camps.



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