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International Business & Intercultural Management [Master]

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Abschlussbezeichnung:Master of Arts
Regelstudienzeit (Semester): 3 Semester
Unterrichtssprachen: English
Fächergruppe:Law, Economics and Social Sciences
Studienbereich:Business and Economic Sciences
Hochschulart:Universities of Applied Sciences

The MA International Business & Intercultural Management (MIBIM) qualifies first-degree graduates for management positions in globally operating organisations. It is intended to equip future business leaders with the subject knowledge and the methodological, interpersonal and intercultural skills that will enable them to excel and become standout leaders in our rapidly changing business world.


If applicable, please submit the following documents as well:

If you were awarded your first degree by a Non-German institution, its eligibility must be confirmed by Please enclose such confirmation. Be aware that you have to apply for the Uni Assist certificate until mid-June at the latest. If you were awarded your first degree by a Chinese, Vietnamese or Mongolian institution, its eligibility must be confirmed by the APS of the German Embassy in Beijing, Hanoi or Ulan Bator. In addition please hand in a certification of Uni Assist e.V Geneststraße 5-; D-10829 Berlin which states the eligibility of your first degree. Please enclose both confirmations. Be aware that you have to apply for the Uni Assist certificate until mid-June at the latest. If you were awarded your first degree by a European institution, please enclose a confirmation stating the ECTS*-Credits achieved in your first degree (if not specified in the certificate). Testimonial confirming your relevant work experience after First Degree. Certificate confirming your international experience abroad.


The following requirements apply to national and international students:

An excellent or good European first degree in Business Studies or in a business-related discipline (210 ECTS* credits and a German average grade of 2.5 or better) or an equivalent international qualification. A high level of proficiency in English corresponding to: IELTS min. 6.0 points (in all categories), TOEFL paper based test min. 550 Points TOEFL computer based test min. 213 points; TOEFL internet based test min. 79 Points. Native speakers of English are exempt from this requirement. Applicants holding a degree with only 180 ECTS have the opportunity to obtain the missing 30 ECTS within the Master Programme by attending additional courses in the Bachelor Programme Tourism Management offered by Heilbronn University. Applicants who have been trained in course-related jobs or have successfully studied abroad may receive bonus points that will facilitate their admission to the Master Programme.

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