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Questions for Admission 

What happens if I fail the entrance exam of the Studienkolleg? May I retake the test?
The entrance exam for a Studienkolleg can be repeated only once.

Which German language skills are required for the entrance exam of the Studienkolleg (foundation course)?
Your knowledge of German must correspond to the B1 level (minimum). Sometimes, language courses are in great demand and your chances of getting a placement may increase the better your language skills are.

I finished my undergraduate studies and want to apply for a related Master programme without restricted access. Can I take an admission for granted?
After your application has been checked for formal correctness and the equivalence of your degree with a German Bachelor’s degree, your documents will be forwarded to the Master commission. Many Master programmes are consecutive study courses, that build on the Bachelor Degree Programme of the University. In such case, the Curriculum of your own Bachelor Course plays an important role and the modules /subjects must be comparable with those of the University, you applied for. If there are too many differences, your application may be rejected.

Check the Curriculum of the related Bachelor Course prior to your application and apply at more but only one University.

I have submitted my application early before the deadline. How long will it take, until I receive an answer?
Sometimes an early application may (or may not) lead to an early decision. If you applied particularly for an open Course without limited access, you may be fortunate. However, in the case of study courses with a limited admission, the universities have to wait until the deadline in order to review all applications together. Usually the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, and thus only the candidates with the highest marks will be accepted. Usually the majority of the applications are received shortly before the deadline and it takes some time to have all applications evaluated and finally ranked. Therefore, students are usually informed about the university’s decision some time after the deadline.

I didn‘t pass the entrance exam of the university‘s language course. What can I do? Do I have to leave Germany in this case?
If your Visa has been issued for the purpose of study preparation (Generally a maximum of two years), you can attend an intensive language Course from another language school instead of the university‘s language Course. According to experiences, you don‘t have to leave Germany if you failed your first language exam, you may attend another language school in order to prepare for your academic career.

Is it possible to enrol for a bachelor or master degree course without the required proof of language proficiency?
In general, the proof of language skills is non-negotiable and it is not possible to enrol without the required language skills.
In individual cases, the University may be able to offer an alternative solution such as a language Course, but this cannot be assured and is determined at the discretion of the universities.

Questions for Finance 

How much does the Studienkolleg cost?
Students are not charged any tuition fees for a typical college Course (foundation courses which prepare students to take the assessment test) whereas students, who apply for a language Course, offered by the Studienkolleg, usually will be charged.

I would like to attend a DSH course at the university in order to prepare for the exam. How much will I have to pay?
Fees for German language courses vary amongst universities, so it is best to contact the individual University of your choice and ask how much these language courses would cost.

Questions for Application 

I want to apply, but won’t have passed the DSH before the application deadline. May I apply and submit the language certificate later?
Yes – in general, you can. The DSH (German language examination for University entrance or TestDaf …) is required for enrollment, not for your application.

How do I apply for a Studienkolleg / language course?
Usually, you are asked if you want to attend a Studienkolleg / language Course within the regular application for the Bachelor / Master programme (usually online-application).

Which documents do I have to submit, if I want to apply for a Bachelor course?
For a Bachelor application you have to submit a secondary school leaving Certificate as well as a proof of language skills and your C.V.

Additional documents:
Higher education entrance exam (if required in your country)
Pre University Course (if required in your country – e.g. Iran)
APS Certificate (China, Mongolia, Vietnam)
Transcript of records (1-4 semesters if studies at a University are a prerequisite)

Which documents do I have to submit, if I want to apply for a Master course?
For a Master application you have to submit your transcript of records as well as your Bachelor certificate (if already available). Further documents are a proof of language skills, your C.V., a letter of Motivation and two recommendation letters (if required).

Additional documents:
Portfolio (e.g. Architecture)
Proof of internship (if required) etc.

I want to apply for a Master course, but my Bachelor degree will be issued after the deadline. May I apply with my recent transcript of records and submit the Bachelor degree later?
Usually, it’s possible to apply with your current transcript of records. However, since many Master courses are based on Bachelor studies in exactly the same major (consecutive structure), the curriculum of your own Bachelor course plays an important role, since it should be in accordance with the German Bachelor course to a large extent. Therefore, you had best create a list for submission, with all pending exams.

I am German or have dual citizenship (German citizenship included), but I finished my secondary school career abroad.  How can I apply for studies at a German university? What has to be considered?
Due to your German citizenship you cannot apply as an international student – even if you finished secondary school with an international degree. In contrast to Germans, who finished their school education with the German Hochschulreife / Abitur, you must have your School certificate evaluated by the Regierungspräsidium prior to your application.

Regierungspräsidium, Abt. 7 Schule und Bildung
Ruppmannstr. 21 
70565 Stuttgart

I am attending a German school abroad and will finish my secondary school career  with a German „Hochschulreife „ / „Abitur“.  However, I do not hold German citizenship.  How do I apply at a German university?
Due to your German „Hochschulreife“ / „Abitur“ you are not considered as international student, but as so called „Bildungsinländer“. This means that you apply exactly the same way like a German applicant.

Information for refugees 

Welcome to Baden-Württemberg!
Baden-Württemberg has the most institutions of higher education of any German state. There are a total of 80 universities, universities of education, art and music academies, universities of applied sciences, and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

The Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and the state’s institutions of higher education support refugees who wish to study in Baden-Württemberg. Visit this website which offers the necessary information on the topic of University admissions and studies in Baden-Württemberg.