Bachelor's Degree

Bachelorabschluss. Academic degree qualifying for entry into a profession. It can be obtained after a standard period of study of at least 3 and at most 4 years at university and equivalent institutions of higher education. Together with the Master`s degree, the Bachelor`s degree is part of a recently introduced graduation system of consecutive degrees that exists alongside the traditional system of higher education qualifications.


Darlehen nach dem Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz. Government financial support for students. Called “BAföG” for short. The ability to qualify for such a non-interest government loan depends on the student’s income as well as that of his/her parents or spouse. Normally only German students are eligible for BAföG, but in certain cases foreign students may also apply: students from EU member counties who are residents of Germany; students from non-EU member countries, providing one of their parents is of German descent; students who have the official status of political refugee or stateless person; or students who have been employed in Germany for at least five years prior to beginning their course of study. Questions about BAföG can be answered by the Student Services (Studentenwerk).

Basic Studies

Grundstudium. The first two or three years of study.