Main Course

Hauptstudium. The next stage of study after the Grundstudium, generally lasting an additional two or three years and ending with the final exams for each major and minor subject.

Main Seminar

Hauptseminar. Academic course attended in the Hauptstudium. Prerequisite to attending a Hauptseminar is the successful completion of the intermediate exam (Zwischenprüfung or Vordiplom) or a document certifying that the student has successfully completed the Grundstudium.

Mandatory Internship

Pflichtpraktikum. An internship which is an obligation mostly during your studies to get working experience.

Master's Degree

Masterabschluss. Academic degree qualifying for entry into a profession. It can be obtained after one to two years of study at a university or equivalent institution of higher. The Master’s builds on the Bachelor’s and is part of a recently introduced graduation system of consecutive degrees that exists alongside the traditional system of higher education qualifications.

Matriculation Number

Matrikelnummer. Personal student ID number.

Matriculation Standard

Hochschulreife. General higher education entrance qualification.


A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.

Music Academy

Musikhochschule. Type of higher education institution offering courses in various music and acting subjects, in some cases, as well as the theoretical disciplines (musicology, history and teaching of music). Admission requirements are an upper secondary leaving certification and an artistic aptitude. For purely artistic programmes, admission in most of the Länder is also possible without an upper secondary qualification if a high degree of artistic talent is shown.