Other University Research

Cutting edge basic research, as well as business-driven applied research, is undertaken at over 75 universities in Baden-Württemberg. Apart from the nine research universities, there are six universities of education, 23 universities of applied science, eleven universities of music and arts, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and numerous private universities.

Universities of Applied Sciences 

The universities of applied sciences (Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften, HAW) in Baden-Württemberg successfully take part in competitive programs to gain research funding. They apply as individual universities or combine with partners from
research and industry. In many research projects, the HAW work with companies in the region, particularly SMEs. Their research activities are practical and application oriented, anchored in the region but part of global networks, and in line with international research and innovation strategies. On this basis they make a major contribution to the transfer of knowledge and technology in the knowledge and business hub of Baden-Württemberg.

The universities’ research is supported by the Institutes for Applied Research, while the Baden-Württemberg Centre of Applied Research (BW-CAR) Networks the research expertise in quality-assured Research topics nationally to create infrastructure synergies for high-level research.

As a strategic joint HAW project, Centres of Applied Research at Universities (ZAFH) have been set up to consolidate research structures in proven areas of competence. Strong research groups have provided the foundation for the establishment of 18 cooperative graduate programs to encourage young academics in applied research, provide them with close supervision and structured doctoral studies in conjunction with the state’s universities.

Subjects range from engineering, economics and the social sciences to the life sciences and integrate interdisciplinary topics such as mobility research, energy and environmental research and the interaction between man and machine.

Universities of Education 

With its six universities of education, Baden-Württemberg is the only state in Germany to offer this kind of specialist University for studying educational science. The universities of education also place a high priority on research. Research topics range from basic research into educational theory to application-oriented educational research across a broad range of disciplines, such as empirical teaching-learning research, studies of education at particular institutions, teaching methods and professionalisation.

The universities of education are strong centres for educational research. The universities of education have as part of their mandate the right to award doctorates and habilitations and therefore shoulder a large degree of responsibility for advancing new generations of academics in educational and methodological disciplines. An outstanding environment is offered by the unique disciplinary and interdisciplinary research programs and the Graph joint Graduate School.

The universities of education carry out research at national and international level and in conjunction with other universities and research institutions. Every year they receive millions of euros in external funding. Funding is provided by institutions such as the German Research Fellowship (DFG), the EU and BMBF.

Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University 

The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is unique in the way it combines theory and practice. With its accreditation as a University, the DHBW was awarded a joint research project. Research is oriented towards application and transfer, particularly in collaboration with partners in industry. They work together to develop innovative concepts, strategies and technologies and reflect professional and specialist conditions in business, technology and social studies. Joint research offers partners a clear added value and improves the quality of teaching. In return, the DHBW is integrated into specialist networks. The DHBW’s Research Support Centre also offers a comprehensive research service, from developing ideas and drawing up contracts right up to transfer and marketing.

Private and State-Recognized Universities 

Baden-Württemberg also has 28 private and state-recognized universities. Usually these specialize in very specific fields, such as management or art. The Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen is a special case. It offers a broad range of degrees in cultural studies, social science and economic science, and is also the only private University which is entitled to award doctoral and professorial degrees. Research at the University focuses mainly on issues at the interface between business, culture and politics.