How to study in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is a great place to study. There are some tips and tricks, though, that could make studying here a tiny bit easier. 

The way programs are taught may differ to some extent from what you are used to from your home University. Introductory courses in many subjects, like economics or engineering for example, are typically given as lectures, with very little interaction between students and professors. They are often complemented by tutorials in which graduate students or other teaching staff consider the subject matter in greater depth with small groups of students.

More advanced and more specialized courses usually take the form of seminars. These are more student-centered and focus on discussion and active participation. Many programs may also include a lot of project work in their curricula. Students are guided to find solutions to problems by applying their knowledge and learning and working together in groups. Students benefit vastly from this approach as they learn to think creatively and independently while working analytically and in a problem-solving manner. Plus they train their communication and interpersonal skills.