Student life in corona times

It is clear that studying in the current situation is anything but normal or even as usual. Online lectures, a lack of face-to-face conversations with fellow students and a higher degree of self-management do not make things easier. Nevertheless - or precisely because of this - it is important to allow oneself some free time. For those students who are already enrolled at a University in Baden-Württemberg, we have collected ideas for leisure time, which should help you to take a deep breath in these extraordinary times. We wish you to get through your studies successfully despite the pandemic!

1. Read books in German

For the bookworms amongst you who want to improve their German language skills during their studies, we suggest to grab a German-language book, make yourself comfortable on the bed or sofa and just get started. Recommended books are, for example, “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende, “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka and “Homo Faber” by Max Frisch.

Pro tip: Get books that are bilingual. That way you will learn the new words even more effectively.

2. No desire to read? Listen to a podcast!

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder - you can listen to them at home, when you're out for a walk or before you go to sleep. To learn German, we recommend the English-language podcast “Coffee Break German” with relatively short episodes of about 20 minutes, from introducing yourself up to ordering drinks and food in a café.

3. Watch films and series

What is the advantage of not being able to meet friends for a movie night? Right - you can finally binge-watch all those movies and series that no one else wants to watch. And the best thing is: You have the popcorn all to yourself!

Pro tip: With the help of English or German subtitles you can easily watch German-language films and series as well.

4. Go out into nature

Breathe deeply, get some fresh air and let your thoughts run freely. By going for a walk, we not only reduce stress, but can also clear our heads - perfect after a long day of online courses. In Baden-Württemberg we are lucky to have many forests, fields and parks.

5. Baking and cooking

Trying out new recipes can be quite adventurous. How about Swabian “Maultaschen”, delicious winter biscuits or the original Black Forest cake? As we say in German, love goes through the stomach - but so does good mood!

6. Let your creativity run wild

Have you ever thought of expressing your thoughts and experiences in a picture? Or how about a piece of music? Or why not write a novel? Pretty sure there's an undiscovered talent slumbering inside you.

7. Work out!

You wanted to start jogging last year, but were too lazy? Then now - since you're saving yourself the trip to University - is a good time to use the time you've gained and do something for your physical and mental health. Whether running, cycling or yoga – working out will take your mind off things and help you to relax. Nice side effect: You will strengthen your immune system!

8 ... and what if you miss contact with others too much?

Then call your friends and family via video telephony - it's no comparison to a real meeting, but the joy will still be great, promise!