As small as Baden-Württemberg may appear on a world map, the federal state in the southwest of Germany is a leading international location for companies of global standing.

Its export-led economy invests huge sums in research and development, not to mention innovation. The state's showcase sectors are technology based: automotive, mechanical, and electrical engineering. A highly successful network of global players and small and medium sized hidden champions, closely linked to research institutes and production-oriented services, generates a strong business dynamic.

Combined with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany, these are ideal conditions for getting your career off to a flying start once you graduate. 

If you are looking to live and work in Baden-Württemberg long term, you'll find appropriate vacancies advertised on (academic vacancies).

Work Permit 

If you'd like to work in Germany and possess neither German nor any other EU citizenship, you will need a work permit. You must apply for a work permit before starting work in Baden-Württemberg. Work permit applications can be submitted to the nearest German embassy or consulate in your home country. You may not take up permanent employment in Germany without the requisite work permit. For more work permit information, please see the website of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Student Jobs Regulations 

If you are already studying in Baden-Württemberg and possess neither German nor any other EU citizenship you are allowed to take on casual work to help finance your studies. With a study Visa, you may work a maximum of 120 days full time, or 240 days part time per year. Once you have graduated, you have the opportunity to extend your residency permit by another 18 months.

During this time you can search for appropriate, permanent employment in line with your qualifications. In addition to professional suitability, good German is necessarily an essential requirement. Most companies conduct the majority of their business in German. It is therefore difficult to find a good job without the necessary language skills.