Finding Work after your Degree

You've graduated successfully and are considering living and working in Baden-Württemberg? If you held a study visa during your time at university in Baden-Württemberg, you may extend this for a maximum of 18 months post-graduation. You are granted this time to secure a job which matches your qualifications, thus enabling your expertise to feed into the region's economic cycle. During this time, you may continue to work a maximum of 120 days full time, or 240 days part time. 

Many companies in Baden-Württemberg that conduct business at a global level are continually looking for well-qualified foreign professionals, assuming you fulfill the requirements for permanent residency, have the requisite work permit and have sufficient command of the German language to be able to work in a mostly German-dominated environment. 

The following websites provide a good overview of the labor market and vacancies in Baden-Württemberg: 

 During a transitional period - let's say between graduating and taking up a new position - the local employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) can also provide advice and assistance. It also has information about appropriate vacancies and may, subject to individual entitlement, be able to provide you with financial support during a period of unemployment.

There are also a couple of things you need to remember if you intend returning to your home country once you graduate. Ensure you terminate all your contractual obligations in good time, and according to the individual terms and conditions (apartment, phone and Internet, television, health insurance, newspaper subscriptions, etc.), so that you don't have to continue paying for services you can't use once you have left the country. Moreover, don't forget to close your bank account and ensure that you have successfully ex-matriculated from the university.


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